General Enquiries

To lodge a general enquiry to Constructive Deconstruction, please fill out the contact form provided below. Our Privacy Notice can be viewed here.


We are always open to hearing from fellow writers and professionals who share the same vision and values as Constructive Deconstruction. So, if you have any ideas for editorial content that you would like to suggest or are keen to put pen to paper yourself, then we would love to hear from you! Simply contact us via the form provided above under General Enquiries and put ‘Contributor’ in the subject line.


We have a firm belief here at Constructive Deconstruction that success is not the same if it isn’t shared with others. Therefore, we have considered the following methods as ways of celebrating and showing our appreciation for your support of the Constructive Deconstruction platform. These are:

  • Monthly prize draws exclusive to individuals who follow the Constructive Deconstruction platform, including when certain milestones are reached;
  • An annual award in the form of a cash prize and career mentorship to a high achieving student that embodies in some respect one of the values behind the Constructive Deconstruction vision; and
  • A percentage of the profits received by Constructive Deconstruction being donated to selective charities and causes.

If you would like further information about these rewards, or if you would like to make some suggestions for Constructive Deconstruction to consider, please get in contact via the form provided above under General Enquiries and put ‘Rewards’ in the subject line.

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